PROJECT: We Fly LDN - North London
ROLE: Concept, Creative Direction and Production/Event Management

We designed and created a Nike running experience to ‘make her feel she can fly’. The first event took place at Wood Green Mall Carpark. The intention was to empower young Londoners to run : mythology and muscle combined for a night of high energy in the 'clouds'. The experience featured a fan installation for that ‘in flight’ shot, flight badge press, braiders, red watermelon sugar clouds, dugout disco dj booth and winged umpire chair. Strong silver chrome met soft feather motifs, with reference to the curves of the Nike swoosh, the female figure and her running shoe. Track Mafia led the workouts, followed by a mass meditation before the state changed, Jetss stepped the music up and Dee's Table delivered vegan buddha bowls and pink patties.

Image Credits:

Iska Lupton

Slowe Club