PROJECT: Piculpeper
CLIENT: Roberts & Treuger / The Culpeper
ROLE: Concept, Creative Direction and Set Dressing

Studio Stilton set the concept for The Culpeper pub rooftop, summer 2018. The theme was PICKLES, for their power to provoke and preserve. The roof played host to over 15 varieties of cucumber. Some were served straight up on plates and in cocktails, others had their energy preserved in brine for Winter. The striped decking design was drawn directly from the skin of the humble pickle itself. As the ultimate gesture to pickle power, an 8ft illuminated gherkin stood proud at the front of the rooftop. From a certain angle the gherkin eclipsed Norman Fosters. The theme also plays homage to the infamous Nicholas Culpeper - herbalist, botanist and astronomer - after whom the pub is named and who also praised the power of cucumbers.

Image Credit:

Veerle Evans