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PROJECT: The Zed Rooms
ROLE: Concept, Creative Direction and Set Dressing 

To showcase Simba mattress technology Studio Stilton designed three 2-bed apartments engineered for a holistic sleep experience - a sanctuary away from the chaos of Commercial Street. Low amber lighting, sleep-inducing plants, a cello playlist and a range of different textures underfoot to promote earthing contrive to create a space that relaxes from the off. A scent of earl grey, sandalwood and bergamot permeates the space - earl grey to reduce stress and restore balance, chamomile to relax mind and body, bergamot to lower heart rate. There are rounded edges and soft corners, references to the sun and moon, rocking chairs for a sense of perpetual movement and mobiles and scales to suggest balance. Artwork is chosen to link back to the theme; the rich dark blue prints of Yves Klein, Esher’s staircases to symbolise the journey to sleep, ethereal graphic art and framed ‘dream dances’ by Coleridge Taylor. Black out curtains in the bedrooms and translucent curtains in the living room let the circadian rhythms do their thing. Each apartment comes with cork yoga mats, sketch pads, books, puzzles and meditation sessions via the iPad’s Calm app in an attempt to keep guests away from the curse of the television. We worked with architect Luke Lupton and carpenters EJRyder to design the Woom Room - based on the most popular foetal sleeping position and drawing reference from the rib cage. The bed is created as a giant jigsaw to minimise joins and keep the lines smooth and flowing. The second bedroom is designed for REM-rich sleep, with an enveloping linen canopy, fresh linen scent and a surrealist artwork by Tishk Barzanji to transport the mind. There are two handmade sleep teas developed by Hackney Herbal and bespoke sleep recipe suggestions created in partnership with Detox Kitchen. 

Billy Bolton_Simba Cuckooz_65-Edit
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Image Credits:

Billy Bolton

Iska Lupton

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